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My soul’s mission is to help women all over the world AUTHENTICALLY through cultivating RADICAL SELF LOVE. I believe that the only way we can step into our power and live in our true purpose is through learning to love ourselves…radically.

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1:1 Coaching

Cultivate radical self love and begin to live as the most authentic and empowered version of yourself.

Group Coaching

Heal and grow through community, accountability and support.

Relationship Coaching

Reconnect, rediscover and rejuvenate your romantic relationship

About Me

My name is Khanyisa Mnyaka and I grew up in a small village town called Cala in South Africa. My mother was a teenager when she had me so I was raised by my grandparents. My grandmother was a prison cook, and my grandfather was a priest of a small church. My grandparents did everything they could with what little they had, but I grew up poor. 

Although we were poor in money, my grandparents allowed me space to dream. I was eight years old when I told them that I was going to live “ngaphesheya” which means “overseas” in Xhosa. At that age, the only “overseas” I knew of was America. And here I am now, thirty-six-years old and I live in America! This is only possible because I had two people who did not allow their circumstances deam my precious light. 

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