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Hello! I’m Khanyisa Mnyaka

My name is Khanyisa Mnyaka and I grew up in a small village town called Cala in South Africa. My mother was a teenager when she had me so I was raised by my grandparents. My grandmother was a prison cook, and my grandfather was a priest of a small church. My grandparents did everything they could with what little they had, but I grew up poor. 

Although we were poor in money, my grandparents allowed me space to dream. I was eight years old when I told them that I was going to live “ngaphesheya” which means “overseas” in Xhosa. At that age, the only “overseas” I knew of was America. And here I am now, thirty-six-years old and I live in America! This is only possible because I had two people who did not allow their circumstances deam my precious light. 

This dreaming up of a life I wanted, is also the reason my grandmother did everything she could to make sure that I go to University. I attended the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, where I graduated with a BA in Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology.

When I graduated University, I went through a deep depression that was brought on by the fact that I was a closeted born-again Christian. I had spent years before then trying to ignore my attraction towards other women but the older I got, the more intense the feelings became. I was depressed because I believed that homosexuality was a sin, that who I was was a sin. That thought sent me into deep spirals of shame and guilt. And I was hiding who I was from my friends and family. 

It is that depression that led me to booking a flight to South Korea where I was going to teach English as a Second Language. I thought I was leaving to find myself, but it turns out that I was leaving to return to myself. It is in South Korea where I came out, became bold and convicted about who I was, it is there that I cultivated RADICAL self love. 

I am CALLED to help women live as their most authentic selves through  cultivating RADICAL self love. Many women are socialized to believe that their needs and desires come last. I call BS on that. We can show up in our true greatness, and our empowerment when we put ourselves FIRST. I teach women how to FILL their own cups first, and share from an overflow. I do this through 1:1 coaching, group coaching and relationship coaching. 

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