Group Coaching

Khanyisa Mnyaka

Life Coach

There is a word that holds so much power for me in my language, isiXhosa, “Ubuntu”. Ubuntu means Humanity, and it is derived from the idea that we need each other to exist and thrive. It reinforces the idea that “I am, because you are” and that is the power of community. It is in coming together and seeing the things that bring us together which are mostly our shared human experiences.

This is why I am a believer in creating spaces for women to connect in support of each other, to empower one another and to lift each other up. It is in the spirit of ‘Ubuntu” that I joyfully offer you that I created my Group Coaching experience. I have noticed so many similarities in the women I coach. With each coming to me for a different reason, I still notice that the things that hold us back, the things that keep us feeling stuck are not exclusive to us. My clients, no matter what their background is, all speak of feeling stuck, they all speak of the fear that holds them back from living in their most authentic power and they all want to learn to stand up for themselves. I am excited to facilitate a space where women will be encouraged, supported and validated. I want the women in this space to know that they are affirme, held, and they can show up and SEEN. 

This Group Coaching is for you if:

  • You are ready to step into your most authentic self
  • Are looking for a community of women that will be your ride or die!
  • Want to have a life coach that will have your back
  • Are ready to work on being the most empowered version of yourself

My group coaching package is a month-to-month package created for women who need to be surrounded by other  women who are on the same path as them. This is where true friendship, aligned connection and tribe creation happens. The women in this group coaching are committed to be on the journey of self love…yes, radical self love.

How it works
  • Daily journaling prompts
  • Weekly group coaching sessions via zoom
  • Access to my Facebook group for more LIVE coaching
  • Email to the recorded sessions if you cannot make the LIVE
  • Continuous support from me and other coaches in the group
  • Access to me via Email

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