Group Coaching

Monthly Group Coaching



Zoom Coaching:

This is where the magic happens. Weekly community coaching session where you come prepared to learn and grow. These sessions are impactful as they connect with other women who are  going through what you’re going through and you have a safe space to share. 

Journaling Prompts:

I am a strong believer in journaling, and I can honestly say that journaling has saved my life. I know that it can also be intimidating, especially if it is not something you have done before, that is why I will send you journaling prompts. You will get an email from me three times a week with a journaling prompt.

Facebook Group:

Our Facebook Group is full of women who are ready to step into their most self loving and best version of themselves. We share our joys, trials, triumphs and everything in this group. I also do LIVE coaching sessions here!

Email me:

Yes, you can have access to me via email and I will reply! I got you!