Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching Coaching ( 3 Month)



Virtual Coaching:

Weekly sessions with you and yours! This is where we lay it all on the table, this is where we do the work TOGETHER. These sessions are at the heart of creating the relationship that you want to create with your partner. What are your biggest struggles and how can we solve them?

Weekly Invitation To Grow (ITG):

You will be given an assignment for you to do together. Life gets so crazy and complicated that we forget to do life together! We become so concerned with the day to day hustle and grind, that we forget to do things that bring us closer to each other. Watching Netflix or running errands together is not quality time!

Access to me via Email:

There will be times where you need an extra ear and this is where having access to me via email is vital. I will be there to help you navigate things that are difficult to navigate with your partner and having an extra hand is what you need!