Relationship Coaching

Khanyisa Mnyaka

Life Coach

I maintain that the most important relationship we will ever be in, is the relationship with ourselves. Knowing this truth, and also knowing that we are wired for love, companionship and connection, we also desire to be in relationship with others. These relationships can be one of the most defining in ourselves, particularly romantic relationships. Due to proximity and time spent together, romantic relationships tend to become a mirror that reflects our insecurities and our triggers back to ourselves. We get to face parts of ourselves that need healing and parts that need growth. 


When I ask people “what is the most important ingredient that keeps a relationship solid for a long term?” The most unison reply is “communication”. And so many of us believe that communication is talking, and that is the smallest part of communication. Communication encompasses more than just talking – it is our ability to listen, to read our partners body language, to read their body language and so many other things.

As a trained mediator and with an education in nonviolent communication, I help couples with effective ways of communicating with each other. I help them communicate their needs as individuals as well as their needs as a couple. My relationship coaching is immensely helpful for couples who are in long term relationships. 

Sometimes, it is tricky to communicate in these relationships because people grow, and desires change. What happens when your partner doesn’t like what they used to, how do you create space to truly hear them without internalizing what they are going through? What happens when you are the only one growing in the relationship and your partner is upset by the changes you are making in your personal life? What happens when you need to restructure the relationship? These can be very difficult conversations to navigate and that is what I help my clients do – navigate difficult conversations.

“Love is a two-way street constantly under construction”

Relationship coaching is for you if:

  • You can’t finish a conversation without ending in an argument
  • You need to learn to communicate with each other in loving ways
  • You need to reconnect sexualy and emotionally
  • Have difficulty setting healthy boundaries with your partner
  • You know you need to redefine the relationship
My Process
  • Weekly coaching sessions where I will mediat and facilitate your communication
  • Give you weekly exercises to help you reconnect with each other
  • Weekly couple journaling prompts
  • Teach you effective ways of communication
  • Teach you how to set boundaries in a relationship

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